Art Glass Experience
Classes that Entertain, Inspire, and Educate

Three Hour Class
Micro Introduction Class for Beginners

The Art Glass Experience offered by Tulsa Stained Glass is designed to entertain, inspire and educate. It is a series of activities and interactive demonstrations focused on the creative process of making stained glass windows. It is sprinkled with team building elements of fun, communication, cooperation and trust between participants. It also serves as an educational platform for the art contest, Art Smart Challenge. For everyone it is a delightful historic activity to take part in and take home a project made with their own hands.

Student use the tools and materials of the trade to make an authentic three-dimensional leaded stained glass or mosaic project to take home. They take part in cutting glass, creating a painted design and touring the Tulsa Stained Glass studio for understanding cartooning, assembly, beveling, fusing and more. The glass manufacturing portion is a fun interaction activity not soon forgotten.

Public Sessions:

To enroll in a class: View available classes and reserve your space and we will contact you to confirm your enrollment. Last minute spaces if available are found on the Tulsa Stained Glass Facebook page. Like us and see.

Private Groups Sessions:

Special sessions of the Art Glass Experience are offered to groups by booking reservation for specific times and dates. They are custom designed for groups up to 10 participants and are 3 to 5 hours in length.

The Art Glass Experience changes it primary focus for kids and young adults for birthday parties, day camps & fieldtrips. The most popular version is a two hour program focused on mosaic tile or ceramic painting projects with the educational aspect of creating stained glass windows reduced to 30 minutes. Seating is available for up to 35 participants. Adult supervision required.

Call or click for pricing and availability. Reserve your date early.

Already done a micro-class? Come do a Mosaic and make your artwork come to life.


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Testimonial from one of our past students, Mindy Hendrix.

"I have always been intrigued by glass and stones, and I'm hoping to incorporate transparent stones to complete some ideas I have in my mind," she said. "Now that I've completed a course at Tulsa Stained Glass, one night a week for eight weeks, I feel I was given enough instruction to do almost any stained glass project I would ever want to create."
Read more from the article about Mindy Hendrix, one of our past students, in the Tahlequah Daily Press

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